The Problem We Solve

Large quantities of CO2 are emitted when burning fossil fuels to generate electricity, the fossil fuel generators are being replaced by clean wind and solar.

Our solution stores excess low-cost renewable electricity, to release at peak times, reducing consumer demand and cost. The customer then gets less expensive electricity, mitigates future price rises, reduces supply risk and helps balance the grid.

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We provide energy storage


for the following client sectors:



Chemical, Engineering, Paper,

Food, Iron, and other Industries



Retail, Finance, Banking, Insurance,

Data centres, Communications, Media



Education, Health, Police, Fire,

Forces, Local Government and LEPs

What Has Been Happening?

The team have been busy working on many different projects here are a few examples. 

Change is coming

by 2050

0 million



0 million

UK homes

with heat pumps

0 GW

Local generation

capacity 174 GW

0 TWh


energy storage

To combat rising global temperature by 2050:

UK generation capacity increases from 103 to 268 GW

and carbon emissions reduce from 266g to 20g CO₂/kWh

Flexible Energy

Avoid peak charge periods,
optimise business operations

Control Energy Prices

Manage risk, fix long term energy
contracts, prevent margin erosion

Secure and Reliable Power

When your electricity supply fails,
instantly get the power you need

Zero Emissions

Delivers green electricity and
cool clean breathing air

Long Life

Proven robust machinery,
designed for recycling


Mature technology
and deep supply chain

Easy Maintenance

Low operational and maintenance
costs, long service intervals

Modular Design

Flexible energy storage 1 to
1,000 MWh, locate anywhere