FAB converts electricity into compressed air, known as the fourth utility using 10% (8.8 TWh) of industrial electricity, before giving electricity back later. It boasts an exemplary safety record and it is surrounded by mature policy. Regulation and international standards, with pressure systems underwritten by Lloyds of London.

It is the same story on the electricity generation stage. Where FAB uses a device used in the gas industry for the past 80 years, it is used to recover energy at pressure let down stations. It is a turbo generator expander, again it is manufactured all over the world in a variety of sizes for all applications.


Storing potential energy as compressed air – that’s not new.

ompressed air has been used for over 160 years, throughout industry in: transport trains, buses and lorries powering braking, suspension and door systems, mining, scuba diving, breathing air for fire fighters and spray painters, factory robotics and automation, to name a few applications.

Due to the number and variety of applications, it is not surprising that there is a world wide network of compressor and sub component equipment manufacturers. It is a highly competitive market, with many well established international firms, who between them power huge sections of modern industry.