PSI Global x Sherwood Power

Sherwood Power is embarking on an innovative collaboration with PSI Global, a renowned manufacturer based in the North East, known for its expertise in designing and manufacturing in-line filter housings and elements for industries reliant on compressed air, as well as air/oil separators for vacuum and compressor pumps.


This project is set to revolutionise PSI Global’s energy management and sustainability practices.


PSI Global currently utilises only 30% of its roof space for local electricity generation through solar panels. The primary goal of this collaboration with Sherwood Power is to expand this to full utilisation, harnessing 100% of the available roof space to generate solar energy. This significant increase in solar capacity will enable PSI Global to produce clean, green compressed air by converting solar energy directly into compressed air, reducing the need to import electricity from the grid for this purpose.


The project is not just about expanding solar capacity; it’s a comprehensive energy solution that leverages Sherwood Power’s expertise to optimise energy usage on-site, particularly focusing on the compressed air requirements — a critical component for PSI Global’s operations. By using excess solar energy to meet these requirements, PSI Global can significantly reduce its reliance on grid electricity, leading to substantial cost savings and enhancing its environmental credentials.


The collaboration is supported by key players in the North East supply chain, including Parsons Containers and WADE Management Consultants, who contribute to the project’s success. Their involvement underscores the collaborative spirit of the initiative and the shared commitment to sustainable industrial practices.


With an impressive projected return on investment (ROI) of less than four years, this partnership between Sherwood Power and PSI Global showcases a scalable model of how renewable energy can be effectively integrated into industrial applications. It not only sets a benchmark for energy efficiency and sustainability in the manufacturing sector but also highlights the transformative potential of Sherwood Power’s innovative energy solutions.