About Us

Free Air Battery (FAB)

Industrial and Commercial Electrical Energy Storage

What We Do

Sherwood Power stores excess wind and solar electricity, releasing it during expensive periods to reduce business user cost and/or generate revenue.

The Problem We Solve

The Problem we solve – The UK has the most expensive industrial and commercial (I&C) electricity in Europe, the I&C sector consume over 50% of the UK’s electricity (175 TWh p/a) spending over £20 billion p/a (ONS), Norway and Denmark pay less than 6p/kWh (eurostat).

Business electricity users must remain flexible and competitive while reducing their CO2 emissions, manage climate risk and meet stakeholder expectations.

Electricity has a different price at certain times of the day, businesses need a constant cost while using intermittent renewables.

Wind and solar require increased grid balancing, in 2019 National Grid paid £1 billion, by 2020 it was £2 billion, storage is an opportunity to increase grid and I&C flexibility while reducing costs.

How we solve it?

Sherwood Power Electrical Energy Storage uses a patented air Free Air Battery, taking excess renewable electricity to compressed air, store it in cylinders, and capture 99% of the heat. At peak demand (4-7:30pm) the reheated air is released making electricity from a turbine generator, to reduce electricity costs and/or make revenue from National Grid balancing markets.

Our competitive advantage

Sherwood Power FAB EES is long duration storage 1-10 hrs 1-100 MW (1-1,000 MWh+). With the lowest capital cost per kilowatt hour, it is patented, a modular design, built from mature and reliable technologies, stores long duration power without loss, is fully recyclable with zero emissions, cleaning ambient air during operation and has a minimum 30-year life.

Business Model

Sherwood Power sells the FAB to the client with an extended warranty backed maintenance contract or leases the FAB with a PPA, the client reduces capacity charge, avoids excess transmission and distribution costs.

Marketing Strategy

Industrial, Commercial and Government consume 50% of all United Kingdom electricity. Sherwood approaches this market segment directly, in partnership with independent brokers and electricity generators.