Alex applied to a call out called Energy Spin which originated from the EEN and which David Boath picked up and gave to Alex. They then introduced us to a multi-billion pound European Energy Provider who in turn introduced us to EEX.  This company is working towards a strict Net Zero commitment and are still a potential later stage investor for Sherwood Power and in contact with us to date.



Following this introduction we went into year 1 of the EEX programme in 2022. However, at the end of this period it was realised that we were on a slower burn compared to some other companies and we needed more time. So we were included into year 2.


Why EEX – to meet other like minded entrepreneurs in the Green Space. To get an advisory board wrapped around us to give us objectivity and different perspectives from large corporates including: Deutsche Bahn, EFESO Nordics, Deutsche Post, ABB, Neste, Patria Group.