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Secure and Reliable Power

Secure and Reliable Power

Imagine there is an electricity supply failure in the middle of the working day
What would be the impact on your business operations? how long would it take to get back up and running? what consequential damage would be caused? and all at what price?
Rest easy, the Sherwood Power Free Air Battery (FAB) can provide full synchronous electricity in under 1 second to immediately replace your energy supply, it is ultra reliable using stored expanding air to drive a turbine attached to a generator, alternative electricity, it’s that simple. 

That’s far less complicated than a diesel engine, you don’t need to worry that is wont start because of water in your diesel fuel or a flat battery (both are common faults in diesel generators).

Intelligent monitoring is always scanning your supply and energy needs, FAB is seamlessly activated in the event of a fault or price signal.