Food Processing

Freeze! How Energy Storage can reduce the cost of grid-imported electricity for major food processing plants.

Transforming raw agricultural materials into finished food products comes with significant energy consumption. Companies have to consider not just the cost of processing the materials but the important stage of refrigeration and cooling. Optimizing energy efficiency in these processes is crucial for both economic and environmental reasons.

Proven Expertise with Industry Leaders

Sherwood Power is currently in discussions with a major food processor, that provides around 80% of the flash frozen produce to the UK. Implementing our energy storage will lessen the dependency on the grid, therefore reducing electricity costs, and will be able to utilise both the heat and cold air byproducts of the Sherwood Power System.

Customizable Electrical Energy Storage (1 to 1,000 MWh):

Our energy storage solutions are designed to meet the unique demands of the cold chain, ensuring a consistent energy supply to maintain temperature integrity, thereby reducing product spoilage and associated financial losses.

Significant Cost Reduction:

With Sherwood Power, take control of your energy costs especially during peak pricing hours, a common concern in the cold chain sector. Our solutions minimize grid dependency, providing substantial savings while ensuring operational continuity.”

Elevate Your Sustainability Profile

Align with green energy initiatives by reducing carbon emissions through our renewable energy storage solutions.

Enhanced Resilience

Our on-site energy storage improves resilience against power outages, a crucial factor for maintaining temperature-controlled environments.

Ease of Regulatory Compliance

Navigate through energy regulations effortlessly with Sherwood Power’s compliant energy solutions.

Ready to Transform Your Energy Management?

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